Welcome to Redwood Valley High School

Welcome to the Redwood Valley High School Website! Whether you are new to the school or coming back again, we welcome you and are excited that you have entrusted your son/daughter to our school.

We have many programs that set our school apart:
     20 Minute Homeroom for Advising
     Ramp Up To Readiness
     6 AP Classes
     3 College Now Courses through SMSU
     Over 40 Electives
     Career Mentorship Program:  http://www.redwoodareaschools.com/page/5164

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact any staff member, including myself.  

Here are some upcoming events/important information:
MCA Testing:
Students in Grades 10-11 will be taking the MCA tests over the next few weeks.  It is very important that we work together (the school educators, the parents, and the students) to insure all students are prepared and ready to give his/her best effort on the MCA tests.  The district’s instruction in the tested areas as well as your student’s efforts will be measured by the Minnesota Department of Education.  The results of the test are important as they provide us indications of how well our students are learning what is important to know in math, reading, and science.  The results are also important because they provide teachers and school administrators feedback on how well our curriculum is aligned and the effectiveness of the instructional strategies our teachers are using.  Most importantly, the results should be important to you as parents as they provide an indication of how well your child is progressing in his/her journey to become ready for post-secondary education, for a career, and in general, for life beyond high school. 
Please encourage your child to do his/her best on the test, and take plenty of time when answering the questions.  Your continued support is encouraged and appreciated!
The schedule is:
            MCA Reading (10th Grade):  April 12-15
            MCA Math (11th Grade):  April 19-22
            MCA Science (All students in Biology):  April 26
Senior Service Day:
12th Graders will be participating in Senior Service Day on Wednesday, April 27.  This is an opportunity for students to help make our community a better place.  Activities involve raking leaving at the park, painting picnic tables, or cleaning the zoo.  More information will be coming from Student Council.
11th Grade Career Expo:
On April 27th, Junior’s from area schools will be attending a Career Expo at Redwood Area Community Center. The day will be spent learning about different career fields and jobs available locally within each field. Lunch will be provided and a keynote speaker will highlight key job skills necessary for success in a future career.
At the event, students will attend two breakout sessions based on their specific career interests.  Local business leaders from each of the different career fields will have roundtable discussions with students about the skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of jobs available within the area.  
Any students who have not yet registered should see a counselor ASAP to complete the process.
May Friday Seminar:
The last Friday Seminar will be big!  On May 11, we are planning for a trip to a Twins Game!  As this is so big, we want students to be aware of the criteria early.  This event will be based on two month of attendance (March and April).  During these two months, students must achieve:
-95% attendance (can miss no more than 14 periods)
-Zero Unexcused Absences
-Zero Tardies
-Zero Disciplinary Referrals
-Signed Permission Slip Turned into the HS Office by May 2.
More information will be coming soon.
Upcoming Events:

  1. MCA Math Testing (11th Grade):  April 18-22
  2. MCA Science Testing (All Students in Biology):  April 26
  3. 11th Grade Career Fair:  April 27
  4. 12th Grade Senior Service Day:  April 27
  5. Prom:  April 30

We have a new attendance policy that we are very excited about.  The policy creates a high school culture that moves from punishment as a consequence of irresponsible action to earning privileges for responsible action.  A video presentation is available below.

I look forward to working with all of you this year!


Rick Jorgenson, Principal

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