Welcome to Redwood Valley High School

Welcome to the Redwood Valley High School Website! Whether you are new to the school or coming back again, we welcome you and are excited that you have entrusted your son/daughter to our school.

We have many programs that set our school apart:
     20 Minute Homeroom for Advising
     Ramp Up To Readiness
     6 AP Classes
     2 College Now Courses through SMSU
     Over 40 Electives
     Career Mentorship Program:  http://www.redwoodareaschools.com/page/5164

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact any staff member, including myself.  

Here are some upcoming events/important information:
Activities/Parking Reimbursement:
Forms are in your gmail account or on Skyward.  Here are some reminders:

1.  You need to turn in a reimbursement form for each season and type of reimbursement.  May 27th is the deadline for Spring Parking Reimbursement and Spring Activities Reimbursement.  If you are applying for both, you need to turn in two forms:  One for parking and one for activities.
2.  The forms should be turned in between the window of the end of the season/semester, and the deadline to turn in the form.  In this case, the end of the period for both parking and activities is May 19, and the deadline to turn in the form is May 27.  On May 19, you should look at Skyward to determine if you qualify for the reimbursement.  You are signing stating that to the best of your knowledge, you qualify for the reimbursement.  If you turn in the form early, there is no way to verify that you qualify.  
3.  Late forms will not be accepted.

We have an attendance policy that we are very excited about.  The policy creates a high school culture that moves from punishment as a consequence of irresponsible action to earning privileges for responsible action.  A video presentation is available below.

I look forward to working with all of you!


Rick Jorgenson, Principal

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Contact: Rick Jorgenson
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