Reading: This week we will be making connections and making inferences when we read different books. Students will practice using what has happened in their lives and what they already know to find out more about the book. Students will also be working on comparing and contrasting two different stories that we have read. Students will need to find three things that are similar and three things that are different.  Students are continuing to take AR tests in our room on the books they are reading independently. I continue to push students with their desk work by finding them appropriate articles to read and do themselves. 

Word Work: This week our spelling words are listed on Spelling City under Unit 14! We will be focusing on \oo\ sound! 

Library: We will continue to go to the library on Wednesday's!! Students are allowed to check out three books!! 

Writing: Students have been working SO hard with forming letters correctly and neatly. This week we will begin talking about Informational Reports! Students will be picking an animal to write a report on. We will be doing some researching in the library to know more about our animals. We will also use our chrome books as resources to find out additional information. We will also start learning some of the cursive strokes this week! 

Math: This week we will begin two-digit addition. Students will begin with adding tens and working up to adding two- digit numbers. This is a MONTH long unit. So students will be practicing this topic for awhile. We teach this a little bit differently than it used to be taught. If you have any questions about this please let me know! 
KEEP PRACTICING addition and subtraction facts!

DON'T FORGET that math homework will be coming home Tuesday night! Students should complete this and bring it back the next day!

Science: We are going to start talking about air and weather. Students will be doing experiments and different projects to learn more about air and weather. 

Physical Education: To see what your child is doing in Physical Education look at Mr. Ellanson's webpage!

Music: To see what your child is doing in Music look at Mrs. Nester's webpage!

Steam: To see what your child is doing in Steam look at Mr. Buyck's webpage!! 

If you ever have ANY questions about anything let me know!