What Are We Learning? 

Week: January 16-19

Reading Workshop
This week we will be focused on making connections and making inferences. We will be practicing these skills in whole group and in small group lessons. Students continue to build their silent reading stamina. Keep practicing at home by having your child read aloud to you.

Word Work
In word work we are working on the short u sound. Our spelling patterns with consist of u as in bull, and oo as in book. Practice at home on spelling city to help your skills. 

​​​​​​Writer's Workshop 
Students will begin working on their informational reports. We are taking the report writing one step at a time. Students picked an animal they would like to report on last week. This week they will begin gathering information on the animals they choose. As a class we are writing a report on bees as an example. We did not get to beginning cursive last week, and we hope to begin this week. 

 This week we will be learning more about different strategies to use when adding two digit numbers. We will be split into groups for this unit to target each students individual needs. We continue to work on fact practice. Please continue working on these basic addition and subtraction facts at home. 

Social Studies 
We started talking about maps last week. Students were exposed to Google Maps, and talked about how maps can be made of, continents, countries, states, cities, and even our vary own school. This week we will be learning more about map vocabulary.