What Are We Learning? 

Week: April 16-20

Reading Workshop
This week we are continue to work on cause and effect. We are reading a Big Book called Why Do We Have Rules and the effect rules have in our community and beyond. We have been reading the book Fenway and Hattie as a read-a-loud and talking about point of view. We will be watching our AR movie this week. 

Word Work
We will have word work this week. Our rules for this week is comparative words that mean more and most. for example light/lighter/lightest. 

​​​​​​Writer's Workshop 
We will have begun our persuasive letters, students are writing valid reasons they should get a pet at home. We are talking about how you need to make valid/good arguments to convince your parents to get a pet otherwise they will just say no. 

We are well into our geometry unit. Ask your child about vertices, edges, sides, and faces of 2-D and 3-D shapes. 

We will continue to work on answering the questions we wonder about how the weather changes.