April 23 - 27
Monday: Grandfriends Day: 8:10 - 9:30 A.M. 
Tuesday: Library, math homework. 
Friday: Spelling test, book orders due, in-class music concert 10:35 - 11:05 A.M.  

*Our class is participating in the Stingers Baseball reading program the next 4 weeks. Reading logs will be coming home the next 4 Mondays. Students can read at home and fill in their sheets with their parents to win prizes!

A few ways to help your 2nd grader at home:

*Read to them and encourage them to read!
*Ask them basic addition and subtraction facts.
*Help them practice their spelling words. 
*If they have Internet access - they can play math games and Spelling City. 

Reading: This week, students will be performing the Reader's Theater "Androcles the Lion". They will practice using characters' words and actions to determine what the characters are like and how they feel.
Spelling: unfair, undo, unsafe, unlock, untrue, unhappy, unload, unfold, unable,unafraid
Spelling City: 

Writing: Students are writing a persuasive letter to their parent(s), Ms. Spanovich, or Mr. van der Hagen. Topics include why they should get more recess, a cell phone, a pet at home or school, or a field trip. We are also continuing to learn the lowercase cursive letters. 
Math: We are starting our algebra unit. 
Learning targets:
-Solves unknowns in addition and subtraction number sentences. 
-Uses number sentences to solve real-world problems. 
Science: Students are learning about plants. Each student has planted grass and alfalfa seeds in a cup. They have really grown! The students will be "mowing their lawn" and observing what happens. 

It's hard to believe we are already in the 4th quarter of our school-year! We have been having a lot of fun learning in Room 123, and I love working with your children every day.  Please don't hesitate to email or call with any questions, comments, or concerns.
-Ms. Spanovich

Contact: Cassie Spanovich