Redwood Area Schools

Every year we get to celebrate our students’ success by participating in the State FFA Convention. Although it will be in a different format than normal years, we still want to recognize those state level achievements and continue to offer professional development to our members. The State Convention will be a very interactive virtual experience! There are people who are going to be joining in live time from all across the nation to be engaged in this event and I hope you join them! Students will all have the opportunity to join in workshops, watch award sessions, be inspired by the state officer retiring addresses, and engage with panels of experts. Be on special look out for the following students as they get state recognition this year: Hannah Clennon, Jaydon Estebo, Amos Krause, Chad Maddock, Courtney Manee, Colby Schroeder, and Maggie Wertish. They worked very hard to get to this level, so we should show our support!!!

Attached is the final schedule for the virtual state convention. Don't mind the purple text in the document, those are my suggestions for workshops for students.

To find out our guide to the virtual State Convention please follow this link:

A premier way to access all convention details (with links and descriptions embedded) is to download and use the convention app. There is additional content that is ONLY available on the app (including virtual career fair experiences!) to help you follow along with the convention. is a great way to access the app.

What's the password? The password for EVERY SINGLE INTERACTIVE EVENT is illuMN1928 Please do not post this password online as it is a security feature for our students from "zoom boomers".

If you have any questions regarding the State Convention please let me know and I will do my best to help you get those questions answered.

Lisa Orren