covid-19 update

COVID update-10/2/20

The COVID Committee met again yesterday and we are officially announcing a slight change in our learning model as community numbers warrant that move.  Our number yesterday from MDE factoring out a facility outbreak is 22.87.

That number puts us in the recommended category of hybrid learning for all students.  The committee decided to go with that with one exception and that is our grades 5 and 6.  


K-4 will implement the hybrid model (which is still all students attending each day).  The changes are all internal, so parents will not notice a change.


Grades 5-6 will remain in person with social distancing as much as possible. The classrooms are set up with students between 4-5 feet apart.  They are not quite large enough with our class sizes to get to 6 feet.  The concern with our true hybrid model is two-fold.  The first is that we need to keep our elementary students in front of their teachers as much as possible and second is that the need for child care on the "off" days will be a concern in the community and for our staffing as well.  


Grades 7-12 were already in hybrid so they stay in hybrid and continue what we have been doing.


These changes will be implemented on October 12th, unless our numbers were to drop significantly.


MN Dept of Education will have a new reporting system starting next week.  It will report schools that have 5 or more positive cases.  I will continue to receive information on this new reporting format, but I can say that none of our schools will make that list at this point.  We have had 0 staff test positive since the start of the year and 4 students (all of which were quarantined at home during their infectious period).  Our nursing staff is doing an amazing job!!!!


With MEA break (October 15-16) approaching, we are asking our students, parents and community to please practice hand washing, social distancing and masking as much as possible.  


If our number continues to increase, the next move would be for secondary to go to distance learning.  We know this will have impacts on education and it also means our extracurriculars will come to a stop.  We want our kids to be in school and be able to participate, so we need everyone to do their part to make that happen!


Thanks for staying updated and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent