10/30/2020 Covid-19 Update

COVID update-10/30/20

The COVID Committee met again yesterday.  The MDE released number is 30.0, which falls in the recommended hybrid all category.  Thus, we will continue with the model we have in place.

K-4 will hybrid model (which is still all students attending each day).  


Grades 5-6 will remain in person with social distancing as much as possible. 


Grades 7-12 continue hybrid.


The preliminary Redwood County  case rate for 10/17-10/24 is 47.71!!!!! This will be the number we review next week.  


We need help in our community to get this number turned around.  If the current number next week does not show a decrease we will be discussing distance learning.  Please do what you can to help our students stay in school.



If School incident numbers (as of 10/27):

Building     #positive current     # positive total     Current in quarantine

PreK            0 students                0 students              3 students

R.G.            1 student                  3 students              4 students

M.S.            4 students                9 students              6 students

H.S.            1 student                  2 students              5 students

Staff           1 staff                        6 staff                    2 staff

Totals        7 people                   20 people              20 people


If our number continues to increase, the next move would be for secondary to go to distance learning.  We know this will have impacts on education and it also means our extracurriculars will come to a stop.  We want our kids to be in school and be able to participate, so we need everyone to do their part to make that happen!


Thanks for staying updated and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bcselovszki@redwoodareaschools.com

Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent