2020 has definitely had it’s moments, but the RASD still has plenty to be thankful for...

  • School reopened September 8th!

  • Students were excited to be back and did their part to make changes work.

  • A custodial staff that went the extra mile to keep us all safe.

  • Resources to fund technology upgrades and staff that made it all work.

  • Resources to fund an additional nursing position-Whew.  Shout out to this team!!!!

  • Cross Country earned 3rd place for Boys at Sections with an individual Section Champ.

  • Cross Country earned 6th place for Girls at sections.

  • Tennis had a female student make all-conference.

  • The district facilitated a 3 act play despite numerous modifications,

  • Successfully held 5-12th grade Band and Choir Concerts!  This is not true in many districts.

  • Friday, November 20 the Cardinal Football Team won the section final game.

  • VB season starts late and ends early but the Cardinals are the Conference Runner Up.

  • An FFA chapter that continues to thrive.  Students gave back to the community by assisting at the Fall Festival, hosting an animal parade at local senior living facilities, ditch clean up, and our nature center restoration projects. 

  • On Sunday, November 22, food service served 625 families 10 meals for a total of 6,250 meals!

  • A special education team that created a schedule for their highest at risk learners to continue in person service during our distance learning model.

  • A very dedicated staff providing childcare services throughout the summer and into the school year.

  • Most of all an amazing and generous staff that is dedicated to our students!

Happy Holidays

Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent of Schools