COVID Update-2/5/21

The transition back to in person has been going well.  Our COVID numbers in the community are stable at a number less than 14!  Our school has had 2 positive student cases since our return on Jan 4th, and we have had only 1 positive staff case since that time. 

Another piece that continues is vaccinations for our staff.  It was a slow and frustrating roll out, but we are making progress.  As of next week, we will have over 130 staff vaccinated.  That still leaves about 70 to go but it is great progress.

Last but not least, Grades 11-12 will resume in person on Monday, February 22nd.  

Please also note that the school calendar will be altered starting in March to comply with the executive order on teacher planning time.  The district will have an early release for students each Wednesday.  Preschool will run until 2:50 on Wednesdays starting in March.  Release time will be 1:15 at Reede Gray (K-4) and 1:30 at the MS/HS for grades 5-12.  The first date will be Wednesday, March 3 and it will be each Wednesday for the remainder of the year.  

With these changes, we realize social distancing is compromised, therefore it is important to continue to follow all other mitigations in place with fidelity-masking, handwashing and sanitizing, cleaning, seating charts, etc.  In addition, teachers need to maintain 6 feet from students when possible.  The district is excited to have our students back in school, but we want this to be a safe experience and we also want it to last for the duration of the school year.  So we all need to be vigilant.

On another note, Monday’s forecast is looking like we might be hitting dangerous negative temperatures.  If for any reason, school were to be closed on Monday, February 15th.  It would be a non instruction day with only teachers reporting that day.  The new “make up day” for students would be Friday, March 12th.

Stay warm and safe,

Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent of Schools