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Welcome Back! Hope you all had a great summer and are as excited for the 2018-19 school year as I am!

I have taught in Redwood schools since the fall of 1999. I spent the first 6 years teaching at Reede Gray Elementary and this will be my 14th (2018-19)year in the high school! I also coach football and baseball at the high school level.

Currently, I teach PE 9 and Strength Conditioning Nutrition 1/2/3. PE 9 is required for all high school students, while SCN is offered as an elective course for grades 10-12.

PE 9 is focused on developing lifelong fitness as well as providing students with the basic knowledge to maintain and/or improve the individuals overall fitness level.

SCN offers students the opportunity to improve their overall fitness level and learn more about how to develop an appropriate fitness plan based on what the individual wants to accomplish. Both basic and performance nutrition principles are part of the curriculum. SCN is a great opportunity for all students, male, female, athlete, or non athlete.
Aaron Ferrier