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I hope the school year is going well for you.  You need to remember that  Chemistry and Physics are challenging classes but all students that put in their best effort can pass.

The two main stumbling blocks to success in my classes are:

1.  Not being in attendance.  

The students that failed chemistry last semester averaged one or more absences a week.  It's simple, if you aren't in class you don't learn the material taught in class and you won't know the information needed to complete the homework and take the tests.

2.  Not doing homework/practice problems.

All of my classes have homework almost every day.  The purpose of this homework is to reinforce and review the concepts taught during lecture and also to practice solving problems.  All homework has questions with varying levels of difficulty from easy to challenging.  Every student should be able to do some of the problems.  At the beginning of the semester all of the homework should be easy enough for every student to be successful.  However, as the semester progresses, so does the difficulty of the material.  Students need to keep doing the homework even when it begins to get a little challenging or else it will become impossible by the end of the semester.

Sorry ... chemistry and physics are complex, difficult sciences and they require effort to learn.  




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