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Schools Out For Summer!  Now what?  

Hey everyone, I just want to wish you the best for the summer of 2018.  I will not be updating this weekly during the summer, but I want everyone to have a great summer.  I hope you get to relax some, hang out with friends and family, and I hope you get to learn something new.  Summer isn't all about taking time away from school.  It should also be about learning.  

If you happen to go somewhere on vacation of for the weekend, take some time to look around, ask some questions.  I am a scientists at heart.  When my family travels, I am always looking at the local geology of where we go, the plants/animals of a region. I ask questions.  I might even do a little reading on an area, just to get the heads up on the area.  I know, reading during the summer?  Who would've imagined?  But that is my advice for you this summer.  I want you to have fun, go to the lake, or hang out with friends.  I also want you to do some reading; something that you are interested in, pick up a new hobby. If you get the opportunity to go somewhere, learn something about the area.  What makes that area different from where you live?  Talk with people while you are there, and learn about them and their area.  You'll be amazed that there is time for having fun and Learning. 

Most of all, come back to school in August with a refreshed attitude and a desire to learn.  I know I am going to.  

I will be going to Colorado this summer.  I will spend time with family and friends that I haven't seen in years, catching up on their lives.  I hope to make it to the mountains, camp, and spend time with nature, spend time with family.  I hope to add to my list of 14'ers this summer, and hopefully have my family there with me along the way.  

Summer will go way to fast.  We'll be back in school before we know it.  My hope for you is that you don't sit around being bored all summer, but that you enjoy your time wherever you are.  Make the most out of it, and then you can tell me all about it in August.

Have a great summer!

Mr. Hicks

Hello to everyone, and welcome to Redwood Valley Middle School. I am Kyle Hicks and I am a 7th / 8th grade science teacher at RVMS. This is the start of my 17th year at RVMS, and I hope we can make it a great one. For those that don't know me, I'll share a little personal information.

       B.A. 1993 Western State Colorado University
       M.S. 2004 Southwest Minnesota State University
 I have been happily married to my lovely wife, Stacie, for 20 years, and we have been blessed with five children.
      Tegan   3rd year at University of Wisconsin  Stevens Point
      Maddie Graduated RVHS 2018
      Aubree 10th grade RVMS
      Kanyon 6th Grade
      Kaden  3rd Grade

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and I love the great outdoors. I enjoy; camping, hiking, climbing 14'ers, hunting, looking for rocks and minerals, biking, and spending time with my family. We take at least one trip to Colorado every year to see family and friends, and to "see" the mountains. I also enjoy sports. I have coached many sports in the past and I am involved with many of the youth programs.
I look forward to working with your son/daughter throughout the year. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk. You can contact me at school, or at home. Let's make this a great year.
Kyle Hicks
7th / 8th Grade Science
(507) 644-8240  (Voicemail)

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