November 12-16

  • Important reminders for this week:   
    •  Next week there is NO SCHOOL for students on Wednesday-Friday.  
    • Reede Gray Holiday Concert will be on Friday, December 7th at 12:45 in the HS gym.
    • Tuesday-Math Homework and Library Day
  • We continue working on Unit 3 in our reading series.  Focus skills in this unit are:  Identifying the sequence of events in a story and Determining the most important information in a text.
  • This week's spelling words all have the /ar/ sound .  List words are:  hard, charm, yard, bark, shark, star, start, postcard, harvest, party.  A great website to use to practice the week's words is Spelling City.  Here is a link to our class page:
  •  In math, we continue working on a unit on place value.  This is a very important concept for the students.   The focus skills are:  Read and write numbers to 1000, Compare and order numbers to 1000, Write numbers in expanded notation, and Identify the value of digits in a multi-digit number.  
  • Reflex Math is a site we use to work on basic fact mastery.  By the end of the second quarter, students are expected to master the addition and subtraction facts with 0, 1, or 2--count on or count back facts, double facts, and add/subtarct 10 facts.  
  • The second At-Home Reading slip for November should be returned this week.  The next slip for the month will come home on Monday.  Please help your child read for 15 minutes each night or for a total of 75 minutes each week.  
  •  Our Cardinal Code theme for this month is: "Cardinals Show Empathy." Each week a student from our classroom who demonstrates kindness receives a "Shout Out". The students who have received this honor this month Kateri and Carissa.
  •  Please feel free to contact me anytime throughout the year with any questions or concerns that you may have.