October 15-19

  • Important reminders for this week:
    • This is a short week for students-NO SCHOOL ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY
    • This week is the end of the first quarter.  Report Cards will be coming home soon and Conferences will be held in early November.  Look for sign-up information to come home soon.
    • Tuesday-Math Homework and Library Day
    • Picture Retakes will be on October 23
    • October Big Boom will be on Halloween Day.  Students may wear costumes to school that day and will participate in a costume parade.
    • No Spelling Test this week due to the short week. 
  • We continue to work on Unit 2 in our reading series.  Target skills for this unit:  
    • I can visualize when I am reading to increase understanding of the text.
    • I can use clues from the story to determine character traits of the main characters.
  • Next week's spelling words all have the long /o/ vowel sound.  This week's words are:  boat, coat, float, snow, flow, show, grow, below, yellow, raincoat  A great website to use to practice the week's words is Spelling City.  Here is a link to our class page:  https://www.spellingcity.com/users/sjbaldwin
  •  In math, we are beginning a short unit on money.  Students must be able to identify the coins and know their values, count sets of mixed coins, and show multiple ways to make a set of coins for a given value.  This is a great unit for you to practice at home with real coins.  
  • Reflex Math is a site we use to work on basic fact mastery.  By the end of this quarter, students are expected to master the addition and subtraction fact with 0, 1, or 2--count on or count back facts.
  • The second At-Home Reading slip for October should be returned this week.  The next slip will come home on Monday.  Please help your child read for 15 minutes each night or for a total of 75 minutes each week.  This is the level we will stay at for the rest of the year.
  •  Our Cardinal Code theme for this month is: "Cardinals Show Kindness." Each week a student from our classroom who demonstrates kindness receives a "Shout Out". The students who have received this honor this month are Drue and Maddy.
  •  Please feel free to contact me anytime throughout the year with any questions or concerns that you may have.