What is happening this week with
Mrs. Salmon's little fishies??
(October 8-12)

This was our first week of school!!Fire Safety!! 
This week we will learn all about fire safety.  This will include what to do if there is a fire in our school or homes.  We will talk about making a plan and practicing it.  I encourage you at home to make a plan and practice it as a family.  We will also be taking another walking field trip to the fire station on Thursday! 

We are working hard reviewing our letters! We have completed our letter of the day and now will review the letters with a letter on the week! This week our letter is Bb! 

We also use a curriculum called Reading Mastery! This is used during our reading small group time.  This curriculum is a highly phonics based curriculum that does a great job teaching your child to read!! Our sounds this week are: /a/, /m/, /s/, /d/, /r/,  /e/, /t/, /i/, and /th/!

Our focus this week in math is reviewing 3D shapes and learning to read, write and order numbers 1-5!! 

Fire Saftey!

Our class's favorite website is www.starfall.com.  Check it out sometime!

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Thursday - Walking Field Trip to the Fire Station! 

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