What is happening this week with
Mrs. Salmon's little fishies??
(November 5-9)

This was our first week of school!!Maps and American Symbols!
This week we are focusing on where we are in the world! We will look at Google Earth, globes, maps and books to show us where we live. We will also learn about our country America!! On Friday we will honor our Veterans and learn about Veterans Day!

We are working hard reviewing our letters! We have completed our letter of the day and now will review the letters with a letter on the week! This week our letter is Ff! 

We also use a curriculum called Reading Mastery! This is used during our reading small group time.  This curriculum is a highly phonics based curriculum that does a great job teaching your child to read!! Our sounds this week are: /a/, /m/, /s/, /d/, /r/,  /e/, /t/, /i/, /th/, /n/, /c/ and /f/!

Our focus this week in math is reading, writing and representing numbers 0-20!

Me on the Map!

Our class's favorite website is www.starfall.com.  Check it out sometime!

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