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A word from the principal:


Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to the High School!  We are glad to have you and hope to assist in any way possible as you start the 2019-2020 year at Redwood Valley High School.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact any staff member, including myself. 

Redwood Valley High School offers a wide range of classes, taught by talented and caring faculty and staff.  Your child is important in our building. Staff focus on building relationships with students in a daily homeroom, and students can earn a range of privileges for achieving 95% attendance.  

New classes offered this year include:  Dakota Language II and III, College Political Science, College English, College Geography, and the History of Rock and Roll.  The Orrin S. Estebo Career Training and Development Center is complete and ready for student learning.  

If you are new to the community, or interested in enrolling your son/daughter in our school, contact me to set up a time/date.

It is important that you fill out the Family Online Permission Form (Available August 16).  This year it will be on Skyward.  Instructions to access the form are:

            1) Log into your Skyward Parent Portal.

2) Locate the notification that reads "Online Registration is now open". Click/tap the "Go to Online Registration For ..." to access the form. Alternatively, click/tap the "Online Registration" button, and choose a child you will complete the form for.

3) Read through each statement. Click or tap each checkbox to agree to it, or choose from one of the given options.

4) At the bottom of the form, type in your name and date, then click the "Complete Step 1 Only" button.

5) To make any changes, click the "Edit Step 1" button at the bottom of the page to edit your responses.

6) When finished, click the "Next Step" button located towards the upper-right corner of the form.

7) Click the "Submit Online Registration" button to submit your registration.

8) Complete the same process for any remaining children.

If have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Rick Jorgenson




2019-2020 Registration Guides
10th-12th Grade Registration Guide
9th Grade Registration Guide


Cyber Safety for Parents and Students                     

Overview of Redwood Valley High School for 2019-2020

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