Our Mission: 
It is the goal of the Redwood Valley Coaching staff to build the program by teaching the basic fundamentals all the way up to the most advanced and technical aspects of the game of softball.  The coaching staff works hard year round at both understanding all aspects of the game and current trends that influence and change the game to better help the Redwood Softball program and it’s athletes.  The coaching staff uses positive reinforcement to teach the game of softball to our players. The coaching staff will use all available resources available to further enhance their ability to coach the game of softball.  It is the coach’s goal to create a positive environment and to create a culture that allows athletes to have fun while becoming better at the game of softball.

***Calendar current as of 10/22/2018***

Varsity Coach: Aaron Guggisberg - (507-430-0857)
Junior Varsity Coach: Amanda Anderson -
Assistant Coach: Heather Briese -