Health Office Email Alerts! mail
Did you know you can receive emails from Skyward when your child/ren visit the Health Office? To enable the automatic e-mail, follow the instructions:
1. Log into your Skyward Family Access account.
2. Click on "My Account" in the upper-right corner.
3. Check mark the "Receive Health Office Visit Notifications".
4. Make sure the "E-mail" bullet option (or E-mail and Wall Message") is selected.
5. Click "Save".

For each Health Office visit made, the parent/guardian assigned will receive an automated e-mail. It will appear as "(student name) visited the Health Office on (date). Please visit the Family Access Health Tab or contact the district for more details." Due to HIPPA, no further health information is offered in the e-mail. For more information on the Health Office visit, log into the secured Skyward Portal.
Please remember, if the Health Office finds that your child needs to go home due to illness or there is a concern that needs to be addressed, the Health Office will attempt to contact you. This e-mail notification option is a tool to communicate the time and frequency of Health Office visits, not to eliminate personal updates on specific matters. 

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