The Adults with Disabilities Program (AWD)

*Classes are canceled for the reminder of the month*

My name is Whitney Windschitl. I am the coordinator for the Adults with Disabilities Program(AWD) for  Redwood Area Community Education.

The AWD program is funded by a $10,000 renewable grant. The grant covers  the cost of instructors and  materials for the Life Skills classes, pays for  seven  month use of the Community Center and helps pay for dances for people with disabilities in the Redwood County Area.

This grant will pay for participation in community education classes for people with a disability.

The grant is for any person over the age of 14 with a disability(physical,intellectual,emotional)

Life Skills classes are classes for people with developmental disabilities in the Redwood County area.

The AWD grant will also pay for the use of the Redwood Area Community Center(RACC) for the months of October through April.  The grant pays for any person with a disability (physical,intellectual,emotional) to sign up and use the community center during this seven month timeframe. You are required to sign up at the front desk under the AWD sheet to utilize the community center.
If you require  supervision- your staff will need to supervise you during the time you are at the RACC.

We are always looking for ideas for classes and instructors. If interested please call or email me at or 644-8050

Our program runs from September through March. We do not have summer programming at this time.  

We hope you have a great summer.


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