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Looking for and receiving scholarships can be the most exciting part of getting ready for college.  We have several wonderful resources for students to use when searching for scholarships. One resource is the bi-weekly Scholarship Newsletter which is showing what scholarships are currently available. This is located in the office, on the bulletin board outside the office, sent in Remind, and Scholarship News link. If you would like to view all scholarships we have local & national available through the the school year, click here. Britney Erler, in the office has all the information you need and more so stop by and pick several applications up! 

Please remember to check your emails for scholarship opportunities.

College/University Scholarships
The next place you can look for scholarships is at the college you will be attending.  The bulk of your scholarship and grant money will come directly from your college, so pay close attention to deadlines and requirements.  We have listed the most common college scholarship links below.  If your college is not listed here, simply visit their website and search for scholarships or financial aid.

National Scholarships

The last place to search is the internet.  We have listed several reputable sites below.  Simply input some basic information on these sites and you will receive a listing of scholarships that are available to you.  These listings contain national scholarships which are very competitive, so start early!
Tip: DO NOT apply for any scholarship that is asking for money - there are a lot of scams out there so be aware.


Contact: Britney Erler