Math Apps

These are apps that we use in school to practice math facts, concepts, and mathematical thinking.  (All these apps are free.)

Basic Facts
·         Number Bubble - addition and multiplication
·         Mad Math – all operations
·         Math Racing Turbo - addition
·         Make 24 – all operations
·         Math Balls – all operations
·         Pop Math – addition and subtraction
·         Bingo-- - addition and subtraction
·         Math Cakes Addition – addition
·         Mathmateer – all operations
Flash to Pass - all operations
Math Skills
·         Division!! – long division
·         Master the Math – all skills covered per grade
·         Mathmateer - multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
·         Splash Math - all skills covered per grade
Math Slide - multiplication
Amazing Coin - money
Math Words -  word problems
Count Money - money
Connect 10 - ways to make ten
Math Fire HD - structuring
Marble Blast - structuring 
Mathematical Thinking
·         Unblock me 
·         Rush Hour
·         Chocolate Fix Free 
Space Dots 
Line It Up

If you know of any good apps that are out there that are related to math please let me know so I can share and use them in the classroom.