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Over the years most of Redwood Valleys’ successful golfers and state tournament participants have participated in the Minnesota Junior PGA tour.  I believe that there are 3 very important things that can be learned by playing on the Junior Tour.

1)       Learn to play well competitively.

2)      Learn to play well with other people.

3)      Learn to play well on different courses.

Golf is competitive, the more you play in competitive tournaments the better that you will become at handling the pressure of that 5 foot put on the 18th hole.  The hardest thing for a lot of golfers to adjust to is playing with people other than their friends or family, but for our high school golfers you are always playing with individuals from different teams.  Lastly,  All our players usually play well at home, take them on the road when they are inexperienced and you can add 10-15 shots to their score.  I always tell kids there is not one sub-section, section or state tournament that we play at home so your better be able to take your game with you.

All of these things are difficult to coach and really come with experience, this is why I believe that participation in Junior PGA can really help prepare athletes to play at a high level during the high school season.------Coach Hegg

You can sign up for Membership starting on March 6

You can begin registering for tournaments on March 27, You can register for many tournaments up to the day of the tournament.  However some of the more exclusive tournaments on nicer courses fill up early.

All of the information for the Junior PGA tour is available on their website.  Follow the link below.

Minnesota Junior PGA


Some of the courses that Redwood Valley Plays that may be good Junior PGA tournaments are below.  Even if you don't play Junior PGA these are great courses to go and play just for the experience. 

Oakdale Golf Club  in Buffalo Lake (sub-section held here every year)
Eagle Creek in Willmar (section held here every year)
Marshall Golf Club (team dual every other year and conference tournament every third year)
Worthington C.C. (team dual every year and conference tournament every third year)
Interlaken at Fairmont (every other year tournament)
Rose Lake at Fairmont (every other year tournament)

9 hole courses we play every other year
Windom, Jackson, Pipestone, Luverne




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