Info/Rules and Philosophy on Redwood Valley Golf

Communication:  Communication is very important, I expect your son/daughter to communicate w/ either myself or coach Steve prior to missing practice/events etc.  I know that the spring is a busy time but we have to know where are athletes are, the sooner that we can know the better.


I will make every effort to the website as up to date as possible with practice schedules and meet changes/information.


Also, if your son/daughter has a question or issue they should come and talk to me, Parents please contact me if you have questions or concerns, but talk to your child first, I expect that they make the first effort.  Then contact me, and if you feel the issue is not being addressed, contact the athletic director.


Transportation:  Golf is different than most activities, we practice at different sites,  players need to check the practice schedule so they know where they are practicing at on a given day.  Transportation is not provided to the golf course, and the coaches legally cannot give the students rides.  However, our older players will often give students rides as long as it is ok with the parents


Possible Practice Sites:

Redwood Area Community Center

Driving Range (located by football field)

Redwood Falls

Dacotah Ridge (Varsity only on Wednesdays)



Who can play at meets:  All Varsity and JV meets can be played by anyone grades 7-12, however there are a total of 6 varsity and an additional 6 JV spots for each meet.  These spots are determined by scoring averages and qualifying scores or playoff.


Middle School Meets are for 7th and 8th grade golfers.  There are only 3 middle school meets the focus of our middle school program is to teach and learn the fundamentals of golf and improve through practice.  Some other schools may play in more meets, we like to have our kids play when they are ready.  The more proficient they become will allow them to have opportunities to play in Varsity/JV meets.



Qualifying:  We will have 18 holes of qualifying weather permitting, top 6 boys and top 6 girls will compose the varsity team.  Additional opportunities to qualify will be given as the season progresses.


Factors involved in qualifying process.


  • after someone has qualified I try to give them a chance to play more than 1 meet.
  • Scores away from home are much more important than scores at home
  • At some point we will lock in our top six and alternate for the tournament team.
  • Scoring averages are utilized, but not the sole criteria
  • Coaches discretion



Academic:  In golf we hold our students to the highest academic standard, I am very proud that last year both our boys and girls varsity team had a GPA of over 3.75


If a student is on the failure list at any point during the season they will not compete in at least 1 meet.


If this happens a second time they will be ineligible for Varsity competition.  The reason that we are so strict is because once our post season begins we are not allowed to substitute players.  So we feel that if an athlete has a history of failing classes, coaches and teammates cannot risk not having an eligible player.



Red Card:  Obtain a red card and turn into Mr. Hegg or you cannot participate.

In order to obtain a Redcard card Athletes must complete the following

Turn in all fees/forms and paperwork (available in district office)

Return all school equipment uniforms etc.  from previous sports seasons.

Complete Doctors Physical and Impact (concusion baseline) testing.



Dress Code:  We will wear slacks (appropriately sized), no jeans, no shorts, Khaki or Black in color, usually determined by the players as to what color, they will wear on what day. 


And a team shirt, which will be tucked in.  Caps will be worn in appropriate position (forward).


Varsity and Junior Varsity players will need to by a team shirt, the state high school league mandates uniformity in team dress.  Teams shirts are selected by the Boys/Girls varsity captains.

Let's Have a Great Season

Coach Hegg

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