Welcome to the Wingnuts FIRST Robotics Team Webpage 

Our mission is to introduce students in our area to the STEM field while teaching them important skills including gracious professionalism, dedication, hard work, innovation skills, and leadership

The WingNuts are a competitive robotics team for 9-12th grade students at Redwood Valley high school. This is our 5th year competing in the FIRST Robotics competition. We value gracious professionalism and teamwork. We have a short build season, so we meet three times a week during the season. During these meetings, we work extremely hard to build the best robot possible to perform the tasks of  the year's competition. Our season goes from early November to early March, and our build season is from January 9th to February 16th.   We are constantly learning and becoming better problem solvers because of this wonderful program. We are very thankful for all of our parents' support during the busy 6 week build season, and also our mentors: Todd Steve, Mark Buyck,  Chad Johnson, Darcy Josephson, and Mark Josephson. We greatly appreciate our sponsors: Daktronics, Medtronics, Monsanto Fund, Redwood Area Schools, and Redwood Area Education Foundation. 

Contact: Todd Steve or Mark Buyck