Ramp-Up to Readiness: All Students Career and College Ready! 

Picture of Ramp-Up to Readiness Pillars of Readiness.
 This year Redwood Valley grades 6-12 will be participating in the Ramp-Up to Readiness program. 

Ramp-Up to Readiness is a school-wide guidance program designed to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills and habits necessary for success in a high-quality college program. Ramp-Up to Readiness helps schools prepare students for college in five areas:

Academic Readiness: The ability to succeed in first-year classes that earn credits at a technical college, community college or four-year college or university

Admissions Readiness: The ability to meet admissions requirements at a range of postsecondary institutions

Career Readiness: The ability to identify careers that match personal, financial, and other goals and an understanding of the skills, credentials, and experiences required to succeed in those careers

Financial Readiness: The ability to cover the cost of the first semester of study at a postsecondary institution through savings, loans, and financial aid

Personal and Social Readiness: The ability to set educational goals, make and monitor progress toward them, and create relationships with peers and adults that support academic success

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