Reede Gray Elementary Physical Education!

We look forward to having your child in our physical education class this year! In order to have a safe and productive learning environment the school-wide Cardinal Code discipline plan will be enforced. 
Grading Policy in elementary physical education is based primarily on:
  • Describes and demonstrates locomotor and sport skills
  • Applies sports skills and strategies in games
  • Preforms fitness activity
  • Respect,Responsible, Safe

If there is a time when your child cannot participate due to injury or illness, please send a note to the school. If injury/illness exceeds 3 days we must have a doctor’s excuse/note, otherwise it will be considered an unexcused absence from participation.
All students are expected to wear tennis shoes to every gym class. Your student will have physical education class every day throughout the entire school year. When a student does not wear tennis shoes, he or she receives a minus for the day and will not be allowed to participate in class and will have to walk laps during the class period. Tennis shoes are soft-soled shoes that cover the toes, heel, and top of the foot. Heelys, boots, sandals, and dress shoes are not acceptable. This policy is based on our desire to create a safe environment and only tennis shoes provide the appropriate protection and support for the activities the students are expected to perform. Please contact Jackie Ourada (507-644-7628 ext: 7175) if there is needed assistance for proper shoe wear. Also, if your child likes to wear dresses or a skirt to school it is very helpful to have them wear shorts/leggings underneath.

Physical education not only teaches the psycho-motor domain but the cognitive and affective domains as well. Our goal is to have every student experience success and growth.  Good sportsmanship and teamwork are very important not only in the gym but in real life situations too. Good sportsmanship is always required in class!

We look forward to having a great year!! If you have any questions please call or email your students appropriate PE teacher:
Cassie Zuhlsdorf: E: P: 507-644-7628 ext: 7115
Jeremiah Oyetunji E: P: 507-644-7628 ext: 7173

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