October 15th - October 18th 

There are no spelling words this week, due to the short week. We will be practicing spelling high frequency words this week instead!  

  •  During our Reading time for the second unit we will work on character traits. Students will be using things from the text to help them determine what a character is like. Students will also be writing about each character in complete sentences. Students will also have an independent work station where they complete work daily and a read to self station. Students will continue working on reading books appropriate for their level and taking AR tests on those books. This week we will be taking our main idea assessment as well! 
  • During reading, we will also be working on responding to read alouds. Students will listen to me read a story and then they will respond to different questions about the read aloud. This is a great way for students to start practicing writing full complete sentences. 
  • During Math, we will be working on money. Students will be working on counting coins to a dollar. Students need to be able to ID coins and know how much each coin is. On top of that students will have to be able to count mixed coins to a dollar. Please continue to work on this with your child at home! 
  • On Tuesday students will receive math homework. Math homework will differ between the unit we are currently working on, number sense and fact practice. Students should complete independently (to the best of their ability) and bring back to school the following day. This is a great way for students to practice responsibility. 
  • During our Writing Workshop we will continue working on our Personal Narrative. Students will be using something that has happened in their lives to create a personal narrative. We have started generating ideas and making sentences to create our story. 
  • During social studies students will be learning about the constitution. We will talk about the importance of the constitution and what it means. 
  • During science we have started to grow our Brassica plants. Students will be learning about the life cycle of plants and identifying the 5 things plants need in order to survive.