September 24 - 28

Happy Homecoming Week!
Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Class Color Day (GREEN!)
Wednesday: Beach Day
Thursday: Crazy Neon Day
Friday: Cardinal Spirit Day

*Tuesday: Library
*Friday: Spelling test. Pep fest 9:00 - 9:45 at the high school. We will be walking over. 

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Reading: Students are practicing finding the main idea of a text and asking questions about a text. 

Spelling: bike, grade, made, rode, cute, globe, drive, pancake, mistake
Spelling City:
(Unit 1 - Week 2)

Writing: We will be practicing handwriting - printing our letters correctly. We are beginning to write personal narratives. 

Math: We are working on fact strategies for solving basic addition and subtraction facts. Examples of strategies we are practicing include making 10, doubles, doubles plus or minus one, fact families, counting on, counting back, and the commutative and associative properties. 

Social: We will be learning about citizenship and communities.

Contact: Cassie Ford