November 12 - 16

*Tuesday: Library, math homework.
*Friday: Special speaker, spelling test.

November Word of the Month: Empathy
November is Native American Heritage Month!

*Students can play many learning games at home, if they have a device with Internet to use. Check out the 2nd Grade Math Resources page for online math games. Spelling City can be played at home to review spelling words for Friday's test. 

*Please join "Mrs. Ford's 2nd Grade" in the "Remind" app to receive reminders about school events. To sign up, you can use the code "81010" or go to https//

Reading: Students are practicing identifying a sequence of events in a story. We are also working on asking and answering questions about a text.

Spelling: Unit 8: ar pattern
Spelling City:

Writing: We are practicing writing complete sentences including correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. We are writing letters to Santa that will be printed in the Redwood Gazette. 

Math: We are in our place value unit! Learning targets:
Reads and writes whole numbers up to 1,000. 
Represents and uses place value to describe numbers between 10 and 1,000.
Compares and orders whole numbers up to 1,000. 

Science: We are learning about air and weather. We are recording the weather and learning about gravity. 

Contact: Cassie Ford