Welcome to 3rd Grade at Reede Gray Elementary!

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Third grade is an exciting time for children.  So what stands out among third graders? Positive energy! Third graders are so enthusiastic, and they’re willing to try just about anything.  It’s impossible not to be swept up by their positive energy and enthusiasm.  In third grade at Reede Gray Elementary, we strive to keep our students engaged in learning through technology, small group work with the teacher as well as peers, and rotating between classrooms for the content areas of science, social studies, health, and technology applications.

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Amanda Anderson, Renee Estebo,
Libby Joyce, and Laurie Sturgeon
Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Estebo, and Mrs. Sturgeon posing for a picture together.

Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Estebo, and Mrs. Sturgeon on Halloween 2018.