Fri, Sep 19 7:00pm
Football: Varsity Game
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Homecoming Spirit Week - September 22-26

Middle School:
Monday: Country Day
Tuesday: Nerd Day
Wednesday: 80's
Thursday: Superhero/Disney
Friday: Red/White Day

High School:
Monday: Nerd Day
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: Job Day
Thursday: Class Colors (12th-Pink, 11th-Blue, 10th-Green, 9th-Yellow)
Friday: School Colors - Spirit Day

Lavonne Quackenbush - HS Administrative Assistant
Lavonne Quackenbush - HS Administrative Assistant
We Appreciate Your Help!
Volunteers are needed for Back-to-School Nights; Elementary and Middle School Book Fairs; and numerous other events throughout the 2014-2015 school year.
Redwood Area Schools Volunteer Program. Contact Janet Bailey, Volunteer Coordinator, 507-644-8024
Volunteer Form

Save Your Receipts for School Supplies!

Most Minnesota parents qualify for the K-12 subtraction, which reduces their taxable income. Parents under certain income limits may also qualify for the K-12 credit, which can refund up to 75% of their costs – even for parents who don’t owe any taxes. Watch the video below for more information or visit and type K-12 Promotional Materials in the Search box.

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