impact employees


Kailee Heltemes is a teacher that challenges and prepares RVHS students for a variety of careers while equipping all of our students with everyday life skills

- Kailee Heltemes


She is always willing to help out where needed and she cares about all of the students.

- Shannon Serbus


Rachel brings new ideas to different teams to implement and is constantly looking for ways to get our students learning as much as they can.

- Rachel Berner


She is kind and patient with the students she works with. She is also willing to help out wherever she can.

- Shelly Schliewe


Krista does such a good job listening to and affirming the students who visit with her. She is kind, caring, thoughtful and supportive.

- Krista Remiger


She goes above and beyond to ensure that her students feel supported and valued in the classroom.

- Tianna Pendleton


Through her caring interactions and kind heart, she makes connections with our students and makes them feel special.

- Shelby Frank


Her commitment is total; she knows the students very well, and her relationship with them is professional and integral.

- Robin Beske


He has encouraged the students to evaluate their work and strive to reach their full potential in their new skills.

- Chad Christensen