COVID Update 11/18/20

The COVID Committee met last night, a few days earlier this week as our number continues to escalate in the county.  In addition, quarantines and daycare concerns are causing a stress on the staffing at our district.  As a result of these concerns, the committee has decided to enter a distance learning model for all students.  


November 23-27 No school for students

November 23-25 will be planning time for teachers for the transition.

November 30 Distance Learning will start

November 30-December 11 Distance Learning for all students

December 14-December 23 The goal or hope is to return for 8 days of in person/hybrid instruction.  This will be reviewed each week up to that date.

December 24-January 1 Previously scheduled break-no students

January 4-Return to school (model-to be determined)

Other updates:

Activities:  Local decision is to complete the fall season and postpone the start of any winter seasons.  This may be altered in the Governor's announcement being released later today.  We will obviously comply with any new order.

Essential School Age Childcare:  This will be available for families where both parents are essential employees.  Dates offered would be previously scheduled school days.  Nov 23-24, and Nov 30-Dec 11.  Registration information will be available soon.

Food Service:  This option will continue as it has been operating on hybrid days.  More information on this topic will be released soon.  Reminder the school has a drive up food distribution event scheduled for Sunday, Nov 22nd from 11 am to 1 pm.  Pick up is at the Orrin Estebo Entrance.  This event is offered to all families in the Redwood Area School District.  This event will include enough meals for 5 days of breakfast and lunch.  Please take advantage of this program that is funded by a state grant for our district.

I continue to send out a plea to our families and community to help us keep or now get our students back to school.  We have to work together to turn these numbers around.  As I stated last week, I feel strongly that our children need to be in school with our teachers! However, the spread is causing operational issues and without some sort of community awareness and behavior change it is likely our students will not return to school during the month of December!!!!  So once again please do your part in the community by social distancing, wearing a mask, staying home with symptoms, hand washing and sanitizing and really thinking about safe holiday gatherings.

Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent of Schools