I am pleased to report that our temporary pause on “in person” at the HS allowed our numbers of quarantined students to drastically decrease.  The plan is to return to full in person tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11th.  

With four weeks left of the school year and year end activities ramping up, Please please do your part by keeping everyone safe.  Hand washing, hand sanitizing, social distancing, and masking while indoors.  If you or your child experiences any symptoms, please keep them home and contact the nurses department.  The district wants all students to end the year strong academically and be able to attend their activities.

Please continue to keep in mind that the safe learning plan for mitigation continues throughout the school year.  Masks must continue to be worn at school.  The only relaxation at this time is that students do not have to wear masks for outdoor recess activities.

Thank you for all your patience and grace you have had with the district this year.  It is greatly appreciated!


Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent of Schools