Dear parent,

We have completed two weeks of school and there is a lot of excitement in the buildings.  It has been great to see the enthusiasm and the smiles.  The return to “somewhat” normal also was welcomed.

Unfortunately, the start of the year as it relates to COVID, was not what we hoped for.  The district currently has 43 active positive cases.  The breakdown by building is as follows:  Pre K:  0, RG:  12, MS:  18, HS:  6, and Staff:  7.  Quarantine of close contacts exceeds those numbers.

At this time, contact tracing is not sustainable.  If your child exhibits symptoms, please KEEP them home and have them tested.

It is strongly recommended and encouraged to have your child wear a mask.  If your child is eligible for vaccination, we also strongly recommend that you take that proactive precaution. 

Grade 6 staff and students are required to mask until Monday. October 4th. 

Due to limited supplies, COVID testing in school will be reserved for students that are in school and become symptomatic during the school day. We will be looking to do routine testing on a biweekly basis in the future. If your child is symptomatic, please schedule an appointment where COVID testing is available. At this time we are not able to sustain testing asymptomatic close contacts or random asymptomatic testing. Our goal is to keep kids in school as many days as possible while safe to do so. 

It has been a struggle to keep up with “homework and assignments” being sent home for students positive and/or in quarantine.  Please continue to communicate with the teacher and building administrator to get the materials you need.  Please know we will exercise grace with all students absent during this time period.

On a different note, but definitely related, the district will be sending out a brief survey as it relates to federal “COVID” funds and how the district should prioritize these funds.  This survey is required to be sent to our parents.  Please provide input so that we can continue to support your child’s learning the best way possible.

As always, feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.


Becky Cselovszki