COVID Update-1/12/22

We had a period of time where our COVID numbers remained low, unfortunately the district is seeing an uptick in numbers as is true in the community and other places.  

Our numbers as of Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022 at 3:00 pm are as follows:

PreK:  2

R.G:  7

MS:  18

HS:  15

Staff: 7

I am releasing this information to be transparent in our status.  It is important in these times of increased numbers to closely monitor for symptoms and test as needed.  If you would like a self test for your child, you can make a request to our school nurses for one to be sent home with your child.

The RASD Board of Education met on Monday in a special session to respond to a community request for additional mitigation.  The Board of Education encourages continued and increased education on COVID and fidelity to the mitigations in place at our sites-cleaning, hand sanitizing, and reporting of symptoms.  

In addition to these measures, it has been decided that if an activity group has 3 or more positive cases in a 5 day period, the parents of children in that group will be notified via a close contact letter.  The letter will outline specific recommendations for your child.  It is always the parents choice to send or not send their child to an activity.  No child will be penalized for time missed as a result of a close contact concern.

Our goal is to keep our students safe and in school!  Every family has a part to play in this goal.  I appreciate your support and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Becky Cselovszki