Children's Dental Service's (CDS) last visit of the school year will be at Reede Gray on Wednesday, 5/24 and Thursday, 5/25 to provide preventative and restorative dental work for those that have submitted consent forms. Please contact the Health Office as soon as possible if you would like more information about CDS or have submitted consent and NO longer want your child to participate. 

Reede Gray Health Office 507-644-7111

Children's Dental Service (CDS), a mobile dental service. Dental disease is the most common, chronic childhood illness; over 51 million hours of school time are lost in the U.S. annually due to dental-related illness. CDS targets kids who are not being served and brings dental care directly to them in the school, where they are comforted by familiar surroundings. CDS’ portable dental care is a convenient, affordable, efficient and cost-effective mobile oral health care program that allows us increase access to care while reducing barriers such as transportation and financial hardship. Dental care at school may include exams, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants, fillings, crowns, extractions and other treatments as needed during regular school hours. If you would like your child to receive dental care or if you are able to fill out this form as an adult (18 years or older), please fill out this form and return it to school.